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Thes leading provider of POS in the retail software industry.

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Celerant Command Retail is real-time software which integrates all areas of a retail business in one, complete system including point of sale, inventory management, warehouse, distribution center, allocation, e-commerce, datamining, advanced reporting and more!

Celerant’s POS and complete back-end retail software is written in Java and manages multiple store locations in real time; eliminating the need to poll between stores. Command Retail is the most advanced tool available to retailers who need to maintain precisely managed operations at the store level through customer satisfaction, employee management, and tight inventory control.

Point of Sale

POS transactions are completed in real-time and Celerant Command Retail is capable of handling high sales volume, in addition to layaways, special orders and returns. From accepting cash to credit cards, Celerant’s point of sale software speeds the front line and maintains constant customer flow by reducing transaction time at the point of sale.

Integrated E-Commerce

Celerant offers custom, sophisticated websites which are integrated completely with your POS at the brick and mortar stores, with real-time inventory derived directly from your Celerant Command Retail system. As a result of this integration, there is no need to duplicate order entries into a separate system.

Sales Back Office

Sales back office is an area within Celerant Command Retail which allows you to easily access basic sales information within your store(s). This functionality enables store managers to track key POS transaction data, including sales transactions, receipts, rentals, stored value cards, register close-outs, daily deposits, and salesperson summaries.

Open to Buy and Planning

The Open to Buy and Planning toolset is seamlessly built into Celerant Command Retail and is highly scalable and flexible. Designed to free the retailer from managing Excel spreadsheets, this module offers a compelling option to the multi-tasking planner and buyer and empowers retailers to analyze their business and build a plan at a level that can help shape new profitability and direct efficient processes.


Tracking inventory is a key element in any retail business. Celerant Command Retail software has a strong advantage in this area by offering a concise, integrated system that allows the user to add, edit and analyze inventory in a real-time environment.


Celerant Command Retail provides a full-featured warehouse management system. Functionality is available for everything from receiving and put-away, to picking, packing and shipping.

Purchase Orders and Transfers

The complete retail software contains multiple tools to assist merchandisers in creating Purchase Orders and transfers, including setting the minimum and maximum, drag and drop transfers, in-transit settings, etc. Whether your business directly ships merchandise from the vendor to the store, or has the merchandise sent to a distribution center before allocation to the stores, Celerant Command Retail allows for flexibility and accuracy in tracking inventory.

Reporting and Analysis

Integrated Reporting and Analysis offers a multitude of easy-to-read, powerful reports that help you efficiently manage your business. These reports can be located throughout the retail system, and provide valuable statistics regarding inventory, point of sale, purchasing, transfers, payables, employee analysis and customer analysis; enabling you to make intelligent business decisions.

CRM and Buying Clubs

Celerant’s POS Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool enables you to set up CRM and Buying Clubs, providing customers with purchasing incentives. Celerant’s Buying Club accumulates your customers?spending and creates a dollar award for customers based on their sales history.


Machine Settings, Store Settings, General System Settings, and Employee Settings can all be customized within Celerant’s point of sale and back office system. You can set your discount reasons as damaged, family discount, or coupon, and maybe provide your store managers with permission to give discounts, and allow clerk’s to only ring basic sales.

Physical Inventory

Celerant’s retail software works perfectly for annual and semi-annual physical inventories, which are often performed for each store in its entirety, and, in addition, more granular physical counts, at various categorical levels. In addition, Celerant’s retail system provides cycle-count functionality, allowing for the scheduled counting of individual items.


Building and organizing your own advanced reports for analysis can be easily completed with Celerant’s Datamining tool. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to create and modify reports in Celerant’s advanced retail POS and back office software, which can be saved to be recalled at a later time.


Celerant’s complete point of sale and back office software provides several layers of financial functionality including Accounts Payable (AP), Merchandise Payables, Expense Payables, and Recurring Payables. Celerant Command Retail provides valuable General Ledger exports including, Intuit’s QuickBooks, Microsoft’s Dynamics GP, and Sage Software’s MAS products.
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